Richard Paul Evans

“Diseases like Alzheimer‚Äôs are devastating not only to the patient, but to entire families. The pain and suffering are unimaginable, watching a loved one disentegrate right before your eyes. Nancy Howie takes you through a journey of remarkable love as she shows how one can experience unconditional love with joy in this difficult journey.”

~ Richard Paul Evans #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Christmas Box and The Walk Series

Karen K Christoffersen

Truly experience joy in the journey!

“We all have struggles, challenges, trials, you name it; but when it involves a precious loved one, the pain and suffering of watching them suffer is sometimes, many times, unbearable. Nancy Howie has written of her walk through Alzheimer’s with her mother in such a way that you will be moved, shaken, and filled with wonder, even hope, because Nancy teaches of unconditional¬†love, the love that Jesus Christ feels for us. I was humbled and amazed at her ability to chronicle her life’s journey and impact mine to such a degree. Read it and share it. It’s for anyone who has a loved one suffering from memory loss, or who is suffering from memory loss, along with everyone else who may encounter this malady in their lives. I have been privileged to help her get this book published so that others may benefit from its wisdom, courage, and dedication.”

~ Karen K Christoffersen, BookWise Publishing, Riverton, Utah